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Stoke - Everton

Successive home defeats by Blackpool and Fulham have angered Stoke's manager Tony Pulis, who has made it clear his determination to freshen things up during the transfer window extends to being prepared to consider offers for any of his current squad. David Moyes's Everton have gone eight games unbeaten away from home, but with six of those matches having been drawn, this mid-season, mid-table scrap may prove more notable for commitment than creativity. Tim Cahill will play his last game for the visitors before leaving for the Asian Cup. Richard Rae


under 1.5 - 2.85

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West Ham - Wolves

West Ham are bottom, a point behind Wolves and in a hysterical Premier League environment that throws up must-win games each week this is a match neither team dare lose. Yet a glance at the table shows the gap between the hosts and Everton in 11th place stands at only five points. This suggests that while West Ham and Wolves' respective hopes of survival would not be dead if defeated, it is the respective managers who will fear for their future if they suffer a loss, particularly if the reverse is heavy one. Jamie Jackson


West Ham

Subs from Boffin, Stech, Kovac, Reid, Nouble, Spector, Boa Morte, Obinna, Sears, Fauber ... Читать дальше »

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Birmingham - Arsenal

Arsenal remain in contention for the title due to the shortcomings of other contenders. In previous years, the recent defeats against Tottenham and Manchester United and the two points dropped at Wigan in midweek would have been much more damaging. They are strengthened at St Andrew's by the return to the starting line-up of Cesc Fábregas, in for the injured Abou Diaby, and have leading scorer Samir Nasri available. Birmingham are unchanged after Tuesday's 1-1 draw with United. They are above the bottom three only on goal difference, but their form is not as bad as that might suggest, and only United and Chelsea have conceded fewer goals at home. Joe Lovejoy

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